Surface Marks

My observations of the river have changed again over the past year.

Initially I was a little wary of reflections, which seemed too obvious a subject. Most of my compositions revolved around incidental features and patterns of flow. This changed a little over the winters of 2013-4 and 2014-5 as I explored the abstract shapes and potential distortions formed on the surface. I now find myself treating the surface of the river as a canvas, looking for marks which may be made directly, or slowing the shutter further to quieten the background noise and created an apparently painted representation.

Background Noise

I enjoy playing with the reflections of trees – what better a muse than not only water but trees also – and on occasion I will invert the resultant image. This can help to anchor the composition, but also plays upon the tendency of our brains to make a more literal interpretation of the image. Small clues only remain to hint at the deceit played out by these reflections of truth.

A Small Deceit

I'm interested to see where this leads me during the coming year. While I wait for the river to still, I’ve found a thread that I’d like to continue with. Now I have only my impatience to master.

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