Silver Star

Competitions? Do you or don’t you enter? A recent interviewee for On Landscape likened entering a competition to being a little like buying a lottery ticket. Much as we all hope it is a little more than that, the volume of entries does perhaps require more than a little luck to enter the room.

I enter a limited number each year, have been commended once (LPOTY 2013), shortlisted a few times (WPOTY 2015, GDT EWPOTY 2015 & 2016, OPOTY 2015 & 2016) but was more or less resigned to the fact that a) quieter / creative images rarely catch the eye of those judging, and b) I could probably make better use of the money.

So it was lovely to find out that I’d been awarded Second Prize in the Nature: Trees category, and an Honourable Mention in the Professional Fine Art: Abstract category of the ND Magazine & ND Awards 2016.


I’ve only recently set up a profile on the ND Magazine website and wasn’t sure whether to enter. In the end I submitted one series of 5 images drawn for The Reflecting Pool in two categories. You can see all of the winning images here

Will it change my life, or the way that I photograph? No. But if we are honest we all like an occasional little pat on the back.